November 15, 2010

Burlap Tote

I made my sisters tote bags as part of their Christmas gift.  I will be filling them with lots of goodies made and bought. 

For the fabric I used burlap for the outside and canvas for the lining.  I'll have to explain why I used the burlap.  Back when I was into making and selling candles, I would do craft shows and my booth decor was primitive country.  I used tea stained muslin to cover the tables and over top I used burlap (that was my sister's idea).  Well now that I don't sell candles any more I have all this burlap laying around.  I've searched the net for ideas that I can use the burlap for.  I came across a tote bag made from burlap and the light bulb went on.

The tote measures 17" across and is about 17" deep.  The handles are 26" from end to end.

I wanted the tote to have a natural feel to it so I decided to use canvas for the lining.  The tote it very sturdy using both fabrics.

The tote looked very plain and I wanted to add a little feminine touch so I made these fabric rolled flowers.  I added pins on the back of each flower so they can be removed and worn on a shirt or jacket.

I also made an organizer that can be removed and used in another bag.  I used the same canvas that was used for the lining.

I made smaller pouches for the outside so you can put your cell phone, lipstick or any smaller items and then one large pouch.

I filled my sister's pouches with lots of things to pamper them with.  In the days to come I'll show you some other things I made that will go into the totes.  Till then, thanks for visiting!


  1. OMG, what lovely sewing. And the bag is so functional, too.


  2. Gorgeous bag! How many sisters do you have? How lucky they are. Beautiful job with making this and all the details on it. Love the idea of removing the posies!

  3. I love this, Lisa! Looks like it came from an expensive designer boutique! How I'd like to be your sister :-) !

  4. Such great gifts!!! Love the fabric flowers!!!!

  5. Nice gift ideas! I made some burlap bags that look very similar! Did two tutorials on them :)