February 21, 2010

Crafter's Notebooks

A while back I made some crafter's notebooks that I can refer to when creating.

I refer to these books quite often with the except of the dry embossing book.  I created this along time ago when I was really into dry embossing, this was before I starting stamping.  I can't tell you the last time I looked in that book.

This book is where I keep all my box templates.  Each box instructions are kept in a page protector.  For the Timeless Templates and Simple Click templates, I print out the template on cheap cardstock that I purchased at Walmart so I have on hand in case my computer crashes.  I did save them to a disc as well.

This next book is of miscellanous templates that I have downloaded or of instruction to make anything but a card, hense the title of the book.  Again, each project is in it's own page protector.

This book is of card tutorials and card sketches. I think I will move my color inspirations here as well.

This book is used quite often.  I download pics of  cards, gift sets, etc... that inspire me especially from the design team girls from PTI.  

I also have a book of sewing projects and a book of card versus that I can refer to when creating the inside of a card.

I hope you enjoyed looking at some ways that help me stay organized and inspired.



  1. Lisa, this post was extremely helpful for an organization freak like me! :) I'm quite inspired! Thank you!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a great idea this is! I just have everything crammed in a spiral sketch book. Hmm.....Office Max has a sale this weekend....may need to stop in and make me some binders too! Thanks!

  3. Lisa, thanks for posting this! It is very helpful and gives me ideas for my organization!

  4. I LOVE this Lisa.. I have always wanted to do something like this.. I just need to get on it! THANKS for sharing!!!

  5. wow, that is awesome. you might just have inspired me with this as i begin to organize myself!!
    thanks for sharing

  6. woowww, so coool, very good job, ...can you do one for me!!..Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow Lisa thanks for sharing! I need to put a notebook together, right now everything is just stored in my head!

  8. Duh! I had to make a notebook like this in my pattern drafting class, but I never thought of doing it for my other crafting loves!
    I'm obviously missing the organizing gene!