March 7, 2009

PTI Storage

Here are some photos of how I storage my PTI goodies.

For my stamp sets I have them set up in catagories. This system works for me. If I'm looking for a floral set or background set I know exactly where to find it.

It looks like I'll need to get another container soon. I got this CD basket at Ikea for about $5.00.

I keep all my PTI cardstock together in this storage cube I purchased at Target.

Right now I buy the ink cubes, however, I have been replacing some of the more used colors in the pads. I stamp a floral image from Garden of Life with the color of the cube, punch it out and glue it to the top of the lid. This really helps me when I need to find a color, I don't have to turn the cube over to see the name. I store them a plastic bead container I purchased at a craft store.

Here is how I storage my PTI ribbon. I used Nichole's method of storing the ribbon around clothes pins. The containers I had purchased at Dollar General a few years back. One jar has the darker ribbon and the other has the lighter ribbon.

Check back tomorrow when I'll show you how I storage some of my other craft supplies.


  1. These are great!!! Love how you categorized the sets.

  2. love how you're storing those pti lovelies :))
    great idea with the ink cubes & stamp storage, thanks for the inspo!

  3. Woo, we are moving this year and i'll finally have my OWN room to craft in.. Putting this in my bookmarks. :)

  4. Wow! I'll have to bookmark this for future ideas for my room. Thanks for sharing! Where do you get your wood clothes pins??

  5. That's purty. I'm definitely stealing your ink idea. Love it!

  6. You are one very organized woman. I really like the way you have your stamps organized, the ink storage is really cute and practical. I would love to incorporate some of these into my crafting area. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the storage of embellishments and items that I plan to alter. Thanks for sharing.