February 28, 2009


After years of being in a dreary craft room, I decided to do some remodeling as a birthday gift to ME. Here are some before and after pics. My space is not big measuring about 6 1/2' x 14'. It has a big closet that I incorporated into the space which I added a coutertop. My computer used to be in another room and I brought it down here. My studio is in the basement and it gets cold in here, winter and summer so I added a space heater to keep me toasty warm. I love my new HAPPY room.


  1. Lisa,
    I love what you've done! I'm so inspired - all I have is the end of the kitchen table! Your cards are lovely! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. What a great re-do! I bet it feels all warm and fuzzy just to walk in! I love your jars, and how everything looks so organized! Congratulations!